About Us

What We're Do!

We are a qualified professional academic team working according to the highest standards of advertising, marketing and public relations technology. We specialize in professional advertising designs, web development and design, e-marketing and promotional gifts.

Store Fire has achieved many successes and tremendous development in expertise by following the rules and foundations on which it arose from the beginning

It is a successful business management relationship. Therefore, Store Fire’s mission is to be a leader in the field of advertising services and solutions for companies, institutions and individuals.

inside and outside Palestine through the completion of work at an acceptable cost in a timely manner and with high quality; So we hired a dedicated team of designers and programmers with skills

 And high experience in the field of advertising design.

General Manager's Speech

We work hard to create new and constructive ideas for the benefit of our partners and customers greatly

We make every idea or development a work through which we serve our Palestinian society and keep striving to raise the level of our customers and the major companies that we deal with.

Our team has the ability to complete all the tasks assigned to it and I am proud of my position among our staff and our team

Wajde Amyeh
General Manager

Our vision and goals

To increase revenue by 20% over the next two years by expanding our customer base and increasing the volume and scope of our advertising campaigns.

To maintain a high level of customer satisfaction by achieving a minimum customer retention rate of 90%.

To continuously innovate and stay ahead of industry trends by investing in research and development, attending industry events, and offering our team ongoing training and development opportunities.

To build a strong brand reputation and establish ourselves as a thought leader in the advertising industry through thought-provoking content marketing and thought leadership activities

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